Government Intuitions

Due to the reliability of its services, TarinNet has gained Kurdistan Regional Government’s trust. Therefore, the two reached an agreement in 2006 to provide internet services to all governmental offices and institutions in Erbil, Duhok, Kirkuk, and Halabja governorates in addition to the districts and sub-districts in those provinces. This remarkable project was achieved through a systematic and gradual process and in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communication.


In 2006, we initiated the first phase of the project under the oversight of the Ministry of Transport and Communication whereby we established a wireless network covering 11 towns and cities in Kurdistan through which we provided internet services to 350 governmental offices and institutions.


Due to its continuity in the industry and its keen for confidentiality, TarinNet has become the reliable and preferred internet service provider to the banks operating in Kurdistan. A sample of our projects in this field includes:


-Providing internet services to all public banks in Kurdistan and connecting them to the central bank.
-Providing internet services to a number of local and international banks.



Connecting the scientific institutions to their outside world and scholarly resources through the modern technology has always been TarinNet’s main priorities.


We have therefore taken this mission into our consideration. With this goal in mind, we have provided a number of projects to Kurdistan’s universities either free of charge or for a minimum cost.

Commercial Companies

Right from the beginning of our operation up until 2007, we won the trust of more than 1,000 local and international companies, consulates, local and international organizations, and tens of commercial businesses and corporations and became their only and preferred internet and communication service provider.


We are proudly the biggest internet company in Kurdistan covering the market’s main internet consumers.