About Us

Tarinnet Company was founded in Kurdistan in 2004, in consultation and collaboration with a group of international scholars in the field of communications. It was a pioneer in operating a wireless system providing internet services to the Kurdistan Region.


In 2005, TarinNet expanded its network and made it available within the governorate of Erbil and its suburbs through the Wi-Fi medium via the V-SAT satellite. This move was a success from the onset as it paved the way for TarinNet to be Kurdistan’s largest wireless internet provider leading to a number of other phenomenal projects in this regard.


For over a decade now, TarinNet has revolutionized the Information Technology industry in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, providing advanced & innovative services and solutions to a growing base of clients such as Governments, Large & Multi-national Corporations, Hotels and Satellite TV stations. The company’s technical support team is available round the clock to bring the best quality and services to each and every subscriber.

Our Vision

TarinNet has been a pioneer in providing the highest quality of internet and communication services throughout the Kurdistan Region. Our vision is therefore to offer our customers the best for the lowest possible price and to keep innovating in our services. In addition to maximizing the level of quality in all of our products and services, we take the competence of our employees seriously. We believe in educating and promoting our country’s youth through a number of feasible channels. For example, we have provided employment opportunities to more than 500 individuals in Kurdistan.


Our entire workforce has been local staff in addition to utilizing foreign expertise as necessary. We have proudly helped to develop hundreds of competent engineers and technical employees who have demonstrated a high level of performance. This has been the result of our commitment to educating our staff through providing overseas training and growth opportunities. We believe that this approach helps to ensure we offer the best to our customers. We continue to advance our company to reach a better and higher level of technical expertise.

Our Mission


Our primary objective is to make information technology, communication, and internet services available to the people in Kurdistan.


We have strived to achieve that through providing these services in the highest level of quality and compatible with international standards. While we excel in this regard, we also take our customers’ confidentiality into serious account. Overall, our goal is to offer the finest type of level of services with the lowest possible price.

Customer Satisfaction Is A Top Priority At TarinNet

TarinNet Customers receive a complete service, from consultancy and software providers to assembly of devises and a 24/7 help desk; all under one roof. Our 12 years’ experience, coupled with constant development of state-of-the-art technology, ensures our clients can also enjoy reliable and customized solutions.


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